One To Watch Out For – DigiPulse

One To Watch Out For – DigiPulse

Wills. They are not sexy but each of us will need to address the issue at some stage of how we pass on our wealth.

In a world where more and more of us are finding crypto assets now representing a non-negligible fraction of our entire wealth, we need to start thinking about how we manage those private keys, particularly in the event of sudden death.

This is where DigiPulse (DGPT) enters the fray.

It is a subscription-based platform that allows users to store and encrypt information on the DigiPulse blockchain and make it inheritable but only accessible to the specified recipients.

Successful ICO at Second Attempt

Originally launched in August this year Digipulse did not raise the minimum capital to proceed. As a result they re-evaluated and attempted an ICO in October which successfully completed, netting 3474 ETH from 420 contributors.

At the core of the project are smart contracts operating with a double layer of encryption to allow the client to choose the length of time between their passing and activation of the digital will.

One of the added attractions of the service is that it can be arranged anonymously so the inheritor does not need to know of the crypto assets while the initiator is alive.

An element of profit sharing will also be distributed to token holders but the exact details are still to be finalised and legally vetted.

Marketing Campaign

A public launch of the service and an in-depth marketing campaign to publicise the service and concept is due in the first quarter of 2018. In the meantime the tokens are available to purchase on the Cryptopia and Etherdelta exchanges.

Investment in digital-era companies and currencies is transforming lives, lifting thousands out of fractional reserve banking induced debt and promising a future that few could dream about just a couple of years ago.

A little foresight from us all will see that this benefit is generational and not merely a one-off blip of financial opportunism.