Where is the Money Currently Flowing in ICO-Land?

Where is the Money Currently Flowing in ICO-Land?


I spent a few hours digging around for data on active ICOs, sourcing several websites. That’s always a useful exercise when you are on the look-out for an interesting project. At the same time, you get a sense for what kinds of projects are managing to attract capital.

Here’s a summary of some of findings in relation to the current ICO state of play.

Which ICOs have raised the most:

The two largest ICOs by size of contributions of those currently active (note, they still have a long way to go in terms of their own defined hard-cap) are:

  • Finom which has raised $37m, but is seeking $382m with 28 days to go.
  • Bankera which has raised $31m of its $180m with 25 days to go.

Amongst those ICOs that are pretty close to their target, the following have raised the most:

  • Jibrel: $21m of $30m
  • Medibloc: $17m of $30m
  • Naga Naga: $16m of $30m

Most of the other ICOs that have managed to raise more than 30% of their targets are seeking between $30m and $50m. Whilst ICOs with large hard-cap raise more, they struggle to get even close to their target.

Which Types of Projects are Seeing Strong Demand?

There are 13 ICOs that have raised more than 30% of what they are seeking to raise. Of these,

  • three are trading related
  • three are finance related
  • two are blockchain protocol projects

The remainder are spread across 5 other industries.

17 ICOs have raised 10% or less of their targets. Of these, 3 are marketplaces, while there are 2 each in the business, gaming, insurance, media, and trading industries. Trading related projects feature at the top and the bottom of the table.

So Which ICOs are Really in Demand?

We can assume that any token sale which is seeing good demand would have raised at least 20 percent of its target quite quickly. If we take those that have already raised 20 percent, we can compare the number of days remaining to the amount they still need to raise. This is a good gauge of the market’s appetite for each ICO.

The following ICOs need to raise less than two percent of their initial target each day to reach that target:

  • Jibrel (which only needs to raise 0.5% of its target each day)
  • Lydian
  • Crypterium
  • Galdius
  • Bloom

The following need to raise between 2 and 4 percent of their target per day:

  • Zen Protocol
  • LinkerCoin
  • Bankex
  • Uttoken
  • HOQU
  • CanYa
  • Naga
  • MediBloc
  • CrowdWiz
  • IndaHash

The following token sales may have raised over 20 percent of their targets, but look unlikely to come close to that target given the time remaining.

  • Cashhaa (need to raise 24%/day)
  • Leverj (15%/day)
  • Universa (11%/day)

Just because a token is seeing strong demand, doesn’t mean it is going to be successful – it may just mean the project team are good at marketing. But if an ICO isn’t seeing strong demand, it’s probably got little chance in the first place of any real success.