What You Need To Know About Bitcoin

What You Need To Know About Bitcoin

Are you planning to buy Bitcoin? Unlike a traditional currency system, Bitcoin requires wallet technology to store your currency. A digital wallet is just a piece of software, and we discuss this in detail below.


First and foremost, good wallets allow for safe and fast transactions. With a Bitcoin wallet, it is easy to transfer money to any other wallet at anytime. These digital wallets are composed of many security measures, usually involving a password and, in some cases, even more secure access technology such as finger-printing.

Bitcoin Volatility

The price value of the Bitcoins might some time increase and decrease at other times. It depends on the liquidity of the market. If you had bought 1 Bitcoin for $10,000 at one point in time, the value might increase to $12,000 in the next month or decrease to $ 8,000. Hence, use Bitcoin for buying and selling, but do not save Bitcoins like you normally do with the traditional currency system. Because, sometimes it might double the value, but sometimes, you will have to lose the money invested in Bitcoins. The Bitcoin value will be converted to the current currency value with  BitcoinUp Trading App Official Site.


While making the Bitcoin transaction, the users must be careful in sending the Bitcoins to a genuine and valid receiver. Because, if the person you are sending is not genuine, the sender will not be able to track the identity of the receiver, to get back the money. Because, in blockchain technology, the personal information of the users will not be linked to any blocks. For instance, you may send the Bitcoin to some wrong address. If the receiver is genuine, they can refund the money; else, you will lose the sent Bitcoins.


You may know that all the transactions in a Bitcoin will be stored as a block in the blockchain. A blockchain is a transparent system, in which whoever downloads the Bitcoin software will be able to see the details of transactions like who owes how many Bitcoins. But they will not be able to identify the user’s personal information, thus providing integrity and security.

A transaction in blockchain technology cannot be tampered by a malicious user. Because every transaction will have a hash and that hash will be encrypted using the public key and private key. Every block’s hash will be generated based on the block’s previous hash. So, even a small change in the block will be known to all other block users in the blockchain. If the malicious user tries to modify the hash, the entire hash sequence will become more complex to resolve.

Confirmation score

Every Bitcoin transaction will have a Bitcoin score, indicating whether the payment is reliable and reversible. If the confirmation score is 0, then the payment is irreversible, unless the receiver is genuine. A confirmation score of 1 indicates, the Bitcoin payment is mostly reliable.  A highly reliable Bitcoin transaction will have a confirmation score of 3. For transacting bitcoins that have more value, it is recommended to have a confirmation score of 6. To perform an emergency transaction that allows human interference, a confirmation score of 30 is recommended. The confirmation might take seconds or 90 seconds or 10 minutes. If the payment of the transaction is too low, the confirmation message will take a long time.


The Bitcoins do not have any third-party intermediaries to control the transaction. But still, few countries impose certain tax rules and regulations on Bitcoins. So, make sure that, whether you have pending taxes and pay them on time.

Thus this article has discussed some important information about bitcoins, which acts as a guide to people who are interested in buying Bitcoins.