“A Litmus Test for Blockchain Mass Adoption” – John Mcafee’s ClearPoll Launches

“A Litmus Test for Blockchain Mass Adoption” – John Mcafee’s ClearPoll Launches

It is for some a flagship project of the ICO phenomenon itself. ClearPoll – a blockchain-based app designed to reform the polling industry – has sent its platform live today. 

Having ICO’ed back in October of 2017 and raising just under $1m in the process, the team behind the project has since partnered with a range of high profile public figures, including the sometimes controversial though always fascinating John Mcafee who will be leveraging the app to gauge public opinion on a range of subjects as part of his challenge for the upcoming US presidential elections in 2020.

Business Model

The public itself will be able to use the app for free. And rewards paid in the project’s native POLL token will be handed to those whose suggest surveys for the platform that draw in the highest engagement. The service itself is monetised through the use of API-accessed data analytics sold to statistical outfits, survey houses and similar businesses. 

In a nod to a world which is perhaps not quite yet ready for crypto-currency adoption, the ClearPoll team will be monetising the data analytics its sells to third parties by offering traditional fiat payment mechanisms with ClearPoll operating bridge technology to effectuate the corresponding purchase of POLL token on the back-end which will be required for access to the services themselves.   

“This project in many ways is a litmus test for blockchain technology mass adoption more generally,” states Ali Yazbek, an ICO market analyst. “With ClearPoll we see a project that ticks all the boxes: a token with low circulation, brought to market by an existing business proposing a solution that makes for a perfect blockchain fit in an industry that is ripe for reform. If blockchain tech and crypto do undergo mass adoption, it is projects such as these that will drive that movement. This is as good a litmus for blockchain tech adoption as you are likely to find.”

According to some calculations, over 2000 ICOs have come to market since 2016 when, arguably, the innovative crowdfunding mechanism first gained real traction. As of writing, not one has yet achieved the so-called Holy Grail of blockchain technology – mass adoption. 

The ClearPoll app is now available from both AppStore and Google PlayStore.