Ad-Powered Universal Free WiFi on the Blockchain?

Ad-Powered Universal Free WiFi on the Blockchain?

World WiFi, the latest in a string of decentralized WiFi networks, is winding down a three-month roadshow ahead of its token sale which starts on the 18th of April and runs for 30 days. The project’s pre-sale ends on the 9th April.

The idea behind the project is for the owners of routers to earn revenue for sharing their WiFi connections, whilst guests can access free WiFi if they are happy to view a short advertisement. Advertisers will pay the network for the ability to deliver target advertisements, with the advantage that local businesses can target users in the area.

Tokenised WiFi Economy

The model makes sense provided, of course, that it reaches critical mass. Without a significant number of host routers on the network, guest users may be reluctant to sign up. The advertising model also requires a critical mass of users to attract paying clients.

The idea of sharing WiFi connections has been around since before blockchain technology emerged. In the last two years, at least three other similar blockchain projects have been launched, though none of them has combined the advertising model with shared WiFi connections.

Source WiFi requires guests to buy credit which gives them access to any connected router. IUNGO Network is more of a decentralised ISP which uses small businesses as ‘nodes’ on the network. And, Ammbr is building a P2P mesh network that communicates across various wireless technologies.

Ultimately, for each of these networks, it will come down to building a large enough community of shared connections to attract guest users – whether they have to pay or not. World WiFi is no doubt hoping that the promise of advertising revenue will be enough to entice hosts to sign up to the network.