AdEx Announces Beta of World’s First Blockchain-based Advertising Platform

AdEx Announces Beta of World’s First Blockchain-based Advertising Platform

One of last summer’s most successful ICOs, AdEx, an advertising exchange platform, has released its beta this week and can be accessed through the Chrome-based Ethereum dApps plug-in, Metamask.

Selling out in June 2017 within 8 hours of launch, AdEx netted 40,000 ETH and began its efforts to transform the industry for web publishers, advertisers and users.

Bringing Transparency to Advertising

While much open debate has been directed at the differences in mainstream and alternative media editorial content, a similar argument has developed in the background for advertising where claims of dubious value and fraudulent traffic are widespread.

AdEx aims to solve, or at the very least minimise, that problem by exploiting the blockchain’s inherent properties of transparency and immutability.

The company has achieved its initial roadmap goal for a Q1 release and has included features ahead of schedule that had been originally intended to be incorporated in the V2 model due next year.

These improvements include an accessible UI for publishers to list their ad inventory on the platform and advertisers to bid for the listed ad slots and to be stored as off-chain signed messages until accepted.

The Beta roll out follows a live-test of the advertising marketplace last year when, in conjunction with global travel media provider Ink, they sold 1 million advertising spaces on airline boarding passes in the world’s first blockchain-driven ad auction.

The project is currently working with an impressive list of partners including NEO, Wings, AdHive and Fintech Blockchain Group. The ADX tokens are actively traded on 9 exchanges with Binance, Liqui and Bittrex carrying most of the volume.