Aeron’s Loyalty Programs Take Flight on the Blockchain

Aeron’s Loyalty Programs Take Flight on the Blockchain

Aeron, the blockchain-based aviation safety project, has announced the opening of its loyalty programs – one for pilots, another for professionals and students of the industry, and another again aimed towards the general public and passengers.

The inclusion of the second demographic is an addition to the original plan laid out in the company’s roadmap and significantly expands the reach of the platform.

Professional and Public Incentives

According to the company’s latest blog post, the Aeron/Aerotrips Global Flight Club is designed to “support a worldwide network of flight schools to allow for the most efficient exchange of students, knowledge and skills.” 

Annual membership to this professional program costs under 300 Euros, payable in Aeron’s native ARN token or other cryptocurrencies such as BCH, BNB, BTC, ETH and LTC. Participants are granted certain privileges and the membership price can be set against flights and training provided by Aeron’s flight partners as well as entitle users to discounts on further tuition fees.

The general public can opt to join the CryptoBonusMiles (CBM) program for free where they can earn CBM reward tokens for linking their existing airline loyalty programs or joining new ones. The CBM tokens can be used for flight discounts or converted into other cryptocurrencies. For each airline linked, members will receive 100 CBM tokens. Currently there are over 50 airlines associated with the initiative with the intention to increase this number to around 150.

An airdrop of the CBM token has already taken place, supported by Binance exchange, to ensure a wide audience base.

After coming to market during the autumn of 2017 by raising a modest $5 million through an initial coin offering (ICO), Aeron became the first bi-directional token when it became accessible as both an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network and as an equivalent on the EOS blockchain.