Another Step into the Mainstream for Crypto as Astro Partners with Bloomberg

Another Step into the Mainstream for Crypto as Astro Partners with Bloomberg

Bloomberg has entered into a formal partnership with Picolo Research, the crypto-investment research house behind Astro, one of the world’s first crypto-investment funds which went online just under five months ago. 

The arrangement means that Picolo is now the first crypto-asset research tool to be made available to the 325,000 users of the Bloomberg terminal, the world’s leading market data research platform for financial services professionals.

ICOs are Going “Mainstream”

“It is another sign that ICOs, Bitcoin and cryptos generally are working their way into the mainstream,” stated one Astro fund investor. However, other market data research platforms such as Thomas Reuters, CapitalIQ and FactSet continue to appear reticent to platform crypto-related analytical tools, likely reflecting the ongoing misgivings within traditional finance and government in relation to the relatively new crypto-currency phenomenon. 

Astro / Picolo also timed the partnership announcement to coincide with their fund’s quarterly performance for Q1 2018, its second quarterly report since the fund was created in Q4 of 2018.

Investors can read the latest quarterly report here. The fund is managed transparently in collaboration with its investors whose voting power in key strategic decisions are dictated by the weight of their investment – i.e ownership of the ASTRO token – within the fund.   

Fund manager Matt Dibb declared that there would be no dividend for the current quarter, reiterating that the fund could report a comparatively healthy 28% performance since inception in comparison to a market which has been in severe negative decline since at least mid January.

The figure contrasts with the 170% figure reported by the fund at the end of December, with a dividend paid out equivalent to half of the fund’s token price at ICO.