Apex Token To Underpin World’s First Crypto Fund-of-Funds

Apex Token To Underpin World’s First Crypto Fund-of-Funds

Apex Token Fund, the world’s first tokenised crypto fund-of-funds, begins its staggered pre-sale today. The fund has already conducted a private round of funding and is now opening its sale to the public.

The fund-of-funds will allocate capital to ten fund managers, each of which employs a different strategy. Eight of the ten managers have so far been selected.

In February, Apex announced that InBlockchain and Cambridge Capital will be managing portions of the fund. Other prominent managers include Pantera Capital, Tetras Capital and Multicoin Capital.

Diversified Portfolios, Diversified Strategies

Three million tokens are being sold at $0.85 each, today and on the 8th March. The following week a further four million tokens will be sold. The Public sale will be conducted in May, with 89 million tokens available at $1 each.

The Apex fund is targeting long-term consistent gains and capital preservation. The funds will invest in a wide range of tokens using market analysis to manage short-term trades, and fundamental analysis to manage long-term positions.

The firm hopes to reduce volatility and protect capital by diversifying the fund across managers with unique investment methodologies. Cambridge Capital, for example, looks for coins that are unlikely to be replaced by competing blockchain projects.

Crypto funds are likely to become increasingly important as the industry matures. With numerous blockchain projects competing in each industry, in-depth analysis will be required to picking the winning projects. At this stage, most of Apex’s token holders are likely to be retail investors. However, the long-term goal will no doubt be to attract institutional investors.