Apple Approves Stellar’s First Dedicated iOS Wallet App

Apple Approves Stellar’s First Dedicated iOS Wallet App

Lobstr has announced the upcoming release of what is believed to be the world’s first Stellar-dedicated iOS wallet application. 

The app is schedule for release on July 10th, according to the Lobstr development team, and comes in the wake of recent changes enacted in mid June by Apple in relation to its App Store Review Guidelines

Increased Visibility for Crypto on iOS

The recent policy change has resulted in a general increase in visibility for a broad range of crypto-related technologies.

However, the policy continues the platform’s ban on mining-related crypto apps as well as ICO-related apps which do not come from “established banks, securities firms, futures commission merchants (‘FCM’), or other approved financial institutions [that do not] comply with all applicable law.” 

The Stellar platform has been designed as a P2P payments system that incorporates a series of APIs which allow its native XLM token to interface with other currencies – both crypto and traditional fiat – on its open-source, public blockchain.

The announcement of the Lobstr app release is generally considered as a positive step in terms of the project’s overall visibility within the broader crypto landscape.