Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak Backs Blockchain-based Efforce

Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak Backs Blockchain-based Efforce

Last night, in a pre-launch of the Delta Summit conference, Steve Wozniak, Apple’s co-founder and original technical innovator, announced his investment in a Maltese blockchain-based energy efficiency company, Efforce.

Malta’s Prime Minister and disruptive technology enthusiast, Joseph Muscat, turned to social media to express his thanks to Wozniak for choosing Malta as the home for his foray into the blockchain industry.

Energy Savings

Efforce appear to be in the early stages of development and aim to reward participants in the project through energy savings generated by worldwide energy efficiency initiatives. One element of the platform will be to connect those businesses who wish to reduce their energy consumption with potential investors, who in turn will profit from receiving tokens corresponding to the savings made.

Leading the team at Efforce alongside Steve Wozniak is Jacopo Visetti, who is also the founder of AitherCO2 – an environmental and energy market consultancy who provide a range of financial services and trading solutions.

The location of Efforce may have had some influence in catching the attention of Wozniak for as he told the Times of Malta, he had “…wanted to be of Malta for ages…” and in a video clip offered by the publication he goes onto say that the founding of Efforce reminded him of the start of Apple as the companies are “…humble and small to begin with but we have such big ideas…”

Wozniak states that “…the most important thing for me is efficiency… how to get more from less…” and that he joined Efforce because “…they’re into efficient techniques for ongoing businesses.” He also believes that while saving money on energy means more profit, which would be beneficial for the world, by managing “…to use less energy, it will also be good for the environment.”