Apple Watch Now Includes 2FA Security for Monero Wallets

Apple Watch Now Includes 2FA Security for Monero Wallets

X Wallet, the iOS-based wallet for anonymity cryptocurrency Monero, has just rolled out its latest version which now includes support for Apple Watch-based 2FA authentication. 

The announcement, published this morning on the Monero subreddit by X Wallet developer xmr-rusticbison, is thought to be the first Apple Watch-based authentication of its kind for a cryptocurrency wallet and can be previewed here

The update also includes support for displaying Monero wallet receiving addresses as a QR code from the Apple Watch screen display, and requires the use of a 6 digit pin as second stage security for transferring assets out of the X Wallet itself. 

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Currently trading at $115 as one of the top ten cryptocurrencies by market-cap, Monero XMR is arguably the leading cryptocurrency of choice for the anonymity-conscious, but has received criticism from leading anonymity and privacy advocate Edward Snowden who has cited traceability issues with the technology “with huge consequences for people like me.” 

The claim has been contested by Monero’s own developers.