On Coinmarketcap’s 5th Birthday, a Bird’s Eye View of How Crypto Has Evolved

On Coinmarketcap’s 5th Birthday, a Bird’s Eye View of How Crypto Has Evolved

Coinmarketcap celebrates its fifth birthday today – a birthday it shares with the likes of Lily Allen, The Rock and Bianca Jagger. 

This is, of course, something of a milestone not just for the website but also for its millions of users. In celebration of the occasion, then, we decided to have a look at how the world of cryptocurrencies has evolved over that time. Five years is, after all, a very long time in crypto… 

Price of Bitcoin

The Price of Bitcoin opened at $116.38 and closed at $105.21 on May 2, 2013.  it has since risen eighty-five fold to just over $9000 at time of writing. Some of us got filthy rich, some of us got burned, but at least we all had fun. 

It Started With Fourteen Coins…

According to the Internet Archive Wayback Time Machine, CMC displayed a mere fourteen coins on its front page in early May 2013.

Today, it is thought that at least twice that number of coins is minted in any one given day. The total number of coins currently listed on the site today stands at over 1600. 

Of the original fourteen, some went on to explode in value (BTC, LTC and IXC), some have simply collapsed (BitBar), some have disappeared (CHNCoin) whilst others were renamed (PPCoin). Others again seem to have simply just trundled around like FeatherCoin which, priced at $0.20 in 2013, has since climbed modestly to a current pricing of $0.24. 

Crypto Universe Market Value 

On May 2nd, 2013, the market value of the entire crypto universe stood at $1.33bn. Today it stands at over three hundred times that value, coming in at $420bn at the time of writing.

In that time, Bitcoin dominance has fallen from a towering 95% to a much more modest 36%. Today, however, there are still only ten cryptocurrencies whose current price surpasses that of Bitcoin in May 2013. 

New Mobile App

Coinmarketcap has decided to mark the occasion with a new mobile application which is discussed on the site’s birthday blog. We are sure it’s just as cool as the website has itself always been. Happy birthday CMC!