Associated Press Partners With Civil Media ICO

Associated Press Partners With Civil Media ICO

The upcoming ICO by Civil Media Company was given a boost this week when they announced a working collaboration with The Associated Press (AP) that will enable AP content to be licensed by newsrooms on Civil’s blockchain-based journalism platform.

While the difference in age between the two entities is considerable – AP was founded in 1846 – their outlooks for the future of journalism appear to be aligned.

According to Jim Kennedy, AP’s senior vice president for Strategy and Enterprise Development, the partnership came about because “AP has been pushing into new digital territory for more than two decades, and Civil is opening up another new space with interesting technology to explore and a commitment to good journalism.”


Civil is building a newsroom that doubles up as a marketplace for journalists where readers may directly sponsor news content and journalists can join together to run their own publications.

The ecosystem will be powered by Civil’s CVL token and based around a Constitution of journalistic ethics and standards. An independent Civil Council will govern the platform overall. Civil’s technology is setting out to enable a new journalistic model that provides for proof of authorship as well as incentives for good conduct and quality content. 

Blockchain technology has become the focus for a large number of news start-ups in recent months, including DNN and Media Protocol, who are aiming to leverage DLT tech in a bit to challenge what they consider to be current broken media models. However, Civil Media appear to be the first challenger in the field to have signed up with a high profile existing media group.