Atonomi Whitelist is Now Open (Again)

Atonomi Whitelist is Now Open (Again)

Atonomi has reopened its whitelisting process ahead of its token sale, which it plans to hold before the end of May.

When the whitelist was originally opened, the high number of investors signing up caused the system to crash. It seems the demand is still there, and the group’s Telegram channel has grown steadily over the last few days to over 24,000 users, according to one ICO whitelist website.

Ledger of Things

The Atonomi network is a security protocol for the IoT (Internet of Things), and bills itself as The Secure Ledger of Things. The network will provide the infrastructure for developers to build IoT solutions and thus allow IoT devices to interoperate securely and transparently. The underlying security technology is already being used by tech companies such as Intel and Flextronics.

There is no shortage of IoT blockchain projects coming to market in 2018. Besides IOTA – which is now the ninth most valuable cryptocurrency – Chain, Hurify, and IoTex are all IoT blockchain projects that have held ICOs over the past few months.

However, Atonomi has caught the eye of investors, and several analysts list it amongst their top picks for the second quarter of 2018. The enthusiasm may be due to the fact that the project is further down the road than most. Besides holding a token sale this month, Atonomi also plans to launch its network on the 15th. Developers will be able to begin building applications on the network immediately after the launch.

Atonomi is selling a total of 500 million tokens, representing 50% of the entire token supply. In total, the project is looking to raise $25 million from the private sale which is now complete, and the upcoming public sale.