Basic Attention Token Team Announces Half-a-Million Dollar Monthly Giveaway

Basic Attention Token Team Announces Half-a-Million Dollar Monthly Giveaway

The team behind Basic Attention Token has announced that it will be distributing half a million dollars’ worth of BAT token every month to users of the Brave browser going forward.

The move is part of the project team’s wider strategic giveaway of 300 million BAT token to encourage mass adoption of the new web browser technology.

Browser-based Crypto-economic Model

BAT token has been designed to serve as the integrated, native currency of the Brave browser, and has been developed by Brendan Eich, the creator of the Javascript web programming language.

It is also believed to be the first browser to incorporate a native cryptocurrency wallet which, amongst other things, has been designed to underpin a new economic model for websites to monetise their content whilst providing both anonymity for users and aggregated, non-personal meta-data for advertisers.

To claim free BAT token, users can simply download the Brave browser and follow the steps outlined under the Browser menu option Shields -> Payments. The BAT token grants “must be used for the benefit of content creators within 90 days,” the project’s website states.

Users may also want to note that BAT which is stored in the Brave Browser is uni-directional – i.e. once BAT token has been transferred to the browser wallet, it cannot be withdrawn, only forwarded to one of the 16,000 or so websites and Youtube channels that are currently registered as Brave Publishers.

The number of active users of the Brave Browser is thought to be approaching 3 million and the Brave Browser/BAT project project appears to be one of the leading candidates for driving mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency.