Binance CEO Expresses Interest in Partnership with Ripple

Binance CEO Expresses Interest in Partnership with Ripple

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao held a Q&A session earlier today and expressed his views on a number of topics within the crypto as they related to the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, including a longer term desire to utilise xRapid and partner with Ripple.

Although conceding that “There’s nothing going on right now… we definitely want to add them as a partner,” Binance will be looking to add more XRP quote pairs on the exchange once they are able to “make sure that every pair we add has decent liquidity.”

Changpeng did not provide any further details on why or how the use of xRapid could bring value to his own platform, but the suggestion is likely one that has arisen from the CEO’s desire to be seen to be supporting the more general growth of the crypto ecosystem.

Binance Chain

The bulk of the livecast was centred around the fundamentals of the upcoming Binance Chain launch – that will host Binance’s own DEX (Decentralised Exchange) – which is marketed as a rival to Ethereum, but without the embedded smart features, that is claimed will allow for faster transactions and cheaper fees.

One major area of difference between the two blockchains though is that Binance Chain will host only a relatively small number of validators “…mainly for performance reasons. So, it will not be as big as a Bitcoin network with thousands of nodes. It’s going to be more like NEO or even Ripple.”

While deflecting any potential criticism on the lack of decentralisation of Binance Chain, Changpeng admitted that “Any blockchain that has a clear development leader or team, they are more or less centralised in some way. So, Binance Chain is going to be a little more centralised initially in that way.”

Looking at the cryptocurrency arena as a whole, the CEO stated that establishing a Bitcoin ETF would “bring in a lot of attention from people outside our industry” but it is not “core to our industry’s growth. With or without them, our industry will grow.”

When directly questioned for his thoughts on the recent bankruptcy filing and missing wallet keys at the rival QuadrigaCX Exchange, Changpeng said that “I don’t really want to comment on other exchanges but there’s something fishy going on there.”