Bitcoin Books for Kids

Bitcoin Books for Kids

Blockchain and cryptocurrency related publications are now regularly granted prominent shelf space at physical, as well as online, bookstores. The scope of titles on offer cover most facets of the industry yet, as an article at Forbes highlights, only recently have authors realised that one demographic has been ignored during this current stage of the evolution of currency, namely the children.

Technical, Educational and Financial sections are all likely to hold copies of Andreas Antonopoulos’ The Internet of Money while the Bitcoin Billionaires, giving an insight into how the Winklevoss brothers adoption of crypto generated massive wealth, can easily be found under both Cultural and Business headings.

In an attempt to be part of the vanguard in the nascent children’s market, titles such as B is for Bitcoin, Early Bird Gets the Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Money, have been marketed through Amazon and are seen as early contenders for inclusion in the Younger Readers department.

Parental Appeal Determines Purchase

The authors may be driven by a range of motives but all understand that books have to appeal to parents or guardians as much as to the children if they are to be successful as in most cases it is the older generation who hold the purse strings.

As B is for Bitcoin author, Graeme Moore, confirmed while speaking with Forbes, “You aren’t selling a book to a 2-year old, you’re selling a book to the two year old’s parents.”

So, the thesis goes, if you can produce something that the adult wants to read to the child, then increased book sales beckon.

Moore, who is also the Head of Tokenisation at Polymath, could see that he typified many adults in that he “…didn’t want to talk about apples and boats and all that kind of stuff. I want to talk about Bitcoin to my 2-year old niece who is about to learn how to talk. And that’s how she’s going to learn the alphabet: A is for Altcoin, B is for Bitcoin, C is for Consensus, and D is for Decentralise.”

Although the core vocabulary may be child’s play for the adult early adopters, the young readers themselves may struggle with some of the concepts, so Moore’s book expands the lexicon to make the reading experience more engaging for both the reader and the listener – ‘A is for Altcoin’ becomes “…A is for Altcoin, busts and booms. B is for Bitcoin, when moon? [etc]

Self-published with the aid of a freelance illustrator from Upwork, Moore’s B is for Bitcoin retails for $23.94 in hardcover and $4.35 in Kindle.