Bitcoin Cash GeoCaching Treasure Hunt

Bitcoin Cash GeoCaching Treasure Hunt

Supporters of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) from around the world are being urged by to make and then hide a paper wallet containing any amount of BCH to raise awareness and encourage participation from the wider population with digital currencies.

Each paper wallet provides the finder with information on how to redeem the currency along with a clear reminder for the truly uninitiated that “Yes, This paper is worth Real Money.”

Geographical Spread

Such hide and seek activities are generally known as geocaching and the rewards to be found within the game are referred to as “geocaches” or simply “caches.”

With caches of BCH being constantly hidden and subsequently found, assessing the numbers of wallets active in the game at any one time is challenging but the organiser’s website provides a constant update of new locations and relevant clues of where to find them appear in their Twitter feed.

Likewise, when the cache is found, followers of the social media platform are alerted so no time is wasted searching for wallets that are already claimed.

It currently appears that large concentrations of the hidden treasures can be found in the USA and Australia, with smaller pockets distributed around Europe, Canada, India, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, South America and South Africa. To date, supporters of BCH from several nations including Russia, China and the UK have yet to join in with the trend.