Bitfinex Launch Own Social Media Platform

Bitfinex Launch Own Social Media Platform

Cryptocurrency Exchange Bitfinex have announced the launch of their own social media platform to enable users to connect and network in search of the elusive “…trading edge.”

Called Bitfinex Pulse, the platform intends to be the heartbeat of the Bitfinex community and take social trading in a new direction by allowing users to share their opinions in the form of short posts known as pulses.

Public and Private Pulses

According to Bitfinex, every verified customer will be able “…to share his or her thoughts on crypto while also letting a user decide whether pulses are posted publicly…” on the platform itself and to the wider world through the option of sharing comments online through the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

Private pulses can be created by all, regardless whether the creator is verified or unverified by Bitfinex.

Bitfinex CTO, Paolo Ardoino, took to social media to express his confidence in the new platform and referred to a GitHub example to demonstrate how news outlets and data providers can also become involved as they will be able to “…publish real-time valuable information…” to the exchange’s user base.