Bitfinex Signs up to Airdrop of EOS’ Wikipedia Competitor Token

Bitfinex Signs up to Airdrop of EOS’ Wikipedia Competitor Token

Everipedia, a blockchain-based encyclopaedia platform headlined by one of the original founders of Wikipedia, has announced that its upcoming airdrop of the project’s EOS-based IQ token will be accommodated by Bitfinex. 

More generally, the airdrop will involve a distribution of IQ tokens to those holding EOS on the following crypto-exchanges: Bitfinex, EXX,, Coinex and BigOne.

There are no details as of yet on the IQ / EOS ratio to be employed for the airdrop, nor if there is a minimum requirement of EOS token holdings in order to qualify for the distribution. The project team have stated that full details will be provided closer to the event itself which occurs at some point in early June.

Flagship EOS Project

The Everipeida project has been touted by some as a flagship project for the EOS platform itself, having received $30 million USD in investment from venture capitalist Mike Novogratz’ newly formed private equity fund back in February. 

Larry Sanger, one half of the original duo behind Wikipedia, the world’s largest online encyclopedia, climbed onboard the project last year which was itself established in 2015.

Everipedia is seeking leverage the IQ token as the basis of an incentive-driven platform for those who act as either contributors or curators in a model that seeks to encourage the emergence of higher quality content. The project team is hoping to improve upon Sanger’s original creation and what Sanger himself has referred to as Wikipedia’s “broken content model”.