BitNautic Airdrop Brings 80k Subscribers to Telegram in Three Days

BitNautic Airdrop Brings 80k Subscribers to Telegram in Three Days

Decentralized shipping and cargo platform, BitNautic has managed to get the attention of investors with the announcement of an airdrop of one million tokens, amounting to two percent of its total token supply.

The airdrop helped the network grow its Telegram channel to over 80,000 members in three days. That makes it currently the fifth largest ICO Telegram channel on the ICO Whitelist website.

Sale Details

The company also recently announced that its pre-sale and token sale would be postponed. The private pre-sale, open to investments of $100,000 or more, has been pushed back to April 15th.

The public pre-sale now starts on May 1st and offers investors a 30 percent bonus. This will be followed by a two-month public sale beginning on 1st June. The total token supply is 50 million, of which 35 million are being made available for investors. The goal is to raise 50,000 ETH.

BitNautic is the latest in a handful of blockchain projects seeking to improve efficiencies in the shipping industry. However, in BitNautic’s case, some analysts appear sceptical. Whilst the company makes bold promises of an AI-based booking system and an e-commerce platform, it appears to be carried by a project team with comparatively restricted experience within the shipping industry itself. 

The beta version of the platform is scheduled for release in 2019.