Bittrex Announces Addition of New USD/XRP Trading Pair

Bittrex Announces Addition of New USD/XRP Trading Pair

As part of its recent initiative to increase the number of fiat/crypto trading pairs on its platform, the team behind Bittrex has announced that, from August 20th, it plans to incorporate a new USD/XRP facility on its platform. 

With a daily trading volume regularly exceeding $50 million, Bittrex sits comfortably inside the list of the world’s top 25 exchanges and the announcement will further increase both visibility and accessibility for the XRP token. 

Fiat Becoming Prime Objective

The incorporation of USD/XRP will also be joined by a launch of USD/ETC (Ethereum Classic) on the same day, and together the new listings will represent the latest fiat/crypto additions on an exchange which, barely over two months ago, still offered crypto-to-crypto trading pairs only. 

XRP and ETC will join BTC, ETH and USDT as one of the current, limited number of cryptocurrencies available to purchase through USD on the platform.

Back in late May, the Bittrex website’s blog had announced its general plans for phased roll-outs for a larger number of fiat-to-crypto trading pairs as part of its wider initiative to “provide customers access to tokens with unique and valuable use cases,” although it has not provided indication at this stage of what further trading pairs are in the pipeline.