Africa Goes Crypto as Bolenum Lists

Africa Goes Crypto as Bolenum Lists


Bolenum’s ICO has now completed and buys and sellers will be able to trade directly its BLN token on the exchanges after a particularly quick exchange-listing turn-around time. 

In the coming months, this project’s website will undergo major changes including new security features such as 2FA authentication, an all new alpha version of the Bolenum exchange as well as a fully elaborated project roadmap.

Boleno Tokens 

One of the most successful ICOs of the year, this is a cryptocurrency that wants to onboard Africa, a specific strategy of the ICO initiative in a part of the world where crypto-currency participation is particularly low. 

As of August 15 BLN tokens are currently trading on, and the list of exchanges will expand over time as several other partnerships are currently in negotiation.

Track Boleno on CoinMarketCap

Those interested in monitoring the price progress of this token can do so on CoinMarketCap. At the time of writing this, 1,000 BLN is worth about $11.19, demonstrating healthy 24-hour volume trading figures at this early stage of its development.

Looking Forward

After a particularly successful ICO, Bolenum has a long way to go. Currently in talks with Prolitus Technology Limited in order to develop a Bolenum-specific Trading Exchange, the project’s primary goal, the roadmap is perhaps the most important project of its kind in raising awareness within the world’s most populous continent of the emergence and importance of the Blockchain-inspired developments that lie ahead of us. 

The Bolenum exchange will be ready to launch on the 31st of May 2018.