The Blockchain at Davos

The Blockchain at Davos

Movers and shakers from the world of business will once again be rubbing shoulders next week as the World Economic Forum prepares for its annual kick off next Tuesday in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland.

While much of the media focus on whether Donald Trump and his team will be taking time away from his federal government shutdown to meet with embattled British Prime Minister Theresa May at the conference, away from the limelight one of the hot subjects up for discussion among the event’s 2500 participants of economic, business and politic figures will be the impact of blockchain technologies. 

As reported by The Linux Foundation, “Talks will explore free and open source tools and practices as well as the underlying technologies, and one of the hotly debated subjects will be the blockchain.”

ICOs on the Agenda

To give some formal structure to those discussions, Swiss based company WISeKey, a global cybersecurity company, are hosting a Blockchain and Crypto Currency Gathering on 24 January to discuss the latest developments in blockchain technology, with initial coin offerings likely topping the list. 

The event will also include reviews of case studies and informal presentations by CEOs of leading blockchain projects which will encourage interaction with speakers.

In addition, WISeKey will also be presenting several ICOs that they regard as projects to keep a close eye on, and attendees will be presented with a WISeCoin Wallet, a contactless hardware enabled wallet designed for cryptocurrency users.