Blockchain Jobs Open as Redundancies Grow

Blockchain Jobs Open as Redundancies Grow

The shutdown of the global economy that has been triggered by the pandemic restrictions has been enacted at a speed that many find hard to comprehend.

Yet, as Litecoin’s creator Charlie Lee clearly portrayed by sharing a social media post on the parabolic rise in unemployment benefit claims, the effects of halting commerce is now forcing more and more people to face the economic consequences of such drastic action.

No Geographical Boundary

While losing a pay check, job or career is a painful experience, the very nature of this particular rise in unemployment is leading many of us to consider new avenues of working remotely.

New initiatives – like MicroSponsors – are coming online at a fast pace to help individual content creators monetise their endeavours, but existing companies are perhaps still the best starting point for those who need regular paid employment.

Most blockchain and cryptocurrency firms have already established a working practice of employing individuals in different locations to form cohesive teams capable of delivering projects regardless of geographical boundaries.

Some of the leading job sites catering for the blockchain industry, such as crypto-careers, has recognised the need for such working arrangements and provides simple search criteria to allow for the viewing of remote vacancies.

Being a skilled developer naturally provides the widest range of opportunities but the list of possibilities are not restricted to just those with coding experience.

A casual glance through the remote job openings on offer at crypto-careers reveal not only engineering roles but also community management, design and media, customer support and client development vacancies.

Companies hiring range from well known names such as Binance, Kraken, Lightning Labs, Brave and IOHK to smaller, early-stage startups.

Other industry leaders prefer to hire directly from their own domain with the likes of oracle providers Chainlink currently advertising ten remote vacancies.

Some teams behind open-source cryptocurrencies – Decred for example – prefer to operate more informally and invite people to start contributing on a voluntary basis before offering paid positions to those who show value.