Blockchain Mining Camps for Kids

Blockchain Mining Camps for Kids

At the Crypto Blockchain Plug venue in Inglewood, California, Crypto Kids Camp is running an educational program where children can learn how to build and operate a Skyminer mining rig to earn the cryptocurrency, Skycoin (SKY). The initiative is provided through the company’s array of technical-orientated courses known as BEAST, an acronym for Blockchain, Engineering, Artificial-Intelligence, Science, Tech-Virtual Reality.

With qualified staff guiding the process, the students first assemble the rig before learning about the operating sequences and potential rewards of SKY.

Educated Eyes

As reported by Sarah Pilla of Southern California’s Spectrum News1, the Skyminer rig is designed to facilitate a free, decentralised internet by connecting wirelessly to the current internet and then broadcasting extra bandwidth to their neighbours through a roof-based antenna.

The creator of the training camp, Najah Roberts, believes time is of the essence in bringing the younger generation up to speed with developments in technology for “If our children do not understand what is happening, right now and what is to come, they will not be able to take a seat at the global table.”

In addition to the mining element, cryptocurrency trading will also be explored and Roberts says the students will benefit from looking “…at this world with a whole different set of eyes.”

Although directly unrelated to the program, Skycoin faced heavy criticism last year after a news source identified it as being potentially less than genuine.

Despite having industry celebrity John McAfee endorse Skycoin – he even went as far as having the company’s logo tattooed on his back – and the scam allegations being rebuked by other authors, the latest news that US-based educators are incorporating the Skyminer technology into their curriculum will no doubt come as a welcome boost to the project.

SKY is currently trading on a number of exchanges at just over a $1 with the majority of volume being seen on Binance and CHAOEX.