The Blockchain Oscars are in Full Swing

The Blockchain Oscars are in Full Swing

d10e, a loose collective of pro-blockchain lobbyists and industry players, are inviting blockchain enthusiasts to participate in its first inaugural “Crypto Royalty Awards” – which have been dubbed by some as the “Blockchain Oscars”, albeit arguably less glamorous in nature. 

The awards cover fifteen different categories including Top Blockchain Exchange whose leaderboard is currently headed up by Binance (32%) with Infinity Coin Exchange in second place (18%). 

Davos Conference Cancelled

The d10e group had originally planned on making a presentation at the upcoming annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland scheduled for January 23rd but have since cancelled citing logistical issues. The results of the Crypto Royalty Awards had been expected to feature as part of the presentation. 

As a result of the cancellation, however, voting for the awards have now been extended until next year’s Davos conference. Consequently, voters have until then to participate. 

Other award categories include Top Blockchain Fund Manager, currently led by Ibby Benali of SingularityNet fame, and Top ICO, currently led by Gimmer. 

Blockchain advocate and educator Andreas Antonopolous currently tops the list for Top Blockchain Policy Maker, and Vitalik Buterin sits in fourth place for the prize of Top Blockchain Founder, two places behind Satoshi Nakamoto who himself concedes first place to Richard Ells, CEO of the Electroneum platform. 

Anyone interested in participating in the voting can do so by signing up here