Blockchain Salary Streamer – Wages Paid by the Minute

Blockchain Salary Streamer – Wages Paid by the Minute

Sablier, an Ethereum blockchain-based project that enables employers to use smart contracts to pay workers and consultants in a constant stream by the minute, hour, or day, have added four currencies to their protocol – synthetic USD (sUSD), wrapped BTC (WBTC), wrapped ETH (WETH), and CHAI.

The new additions join DAI, SAI, USDC, and Compound’s cDAI and cUSDC which have been available since the launch of Sablier Version 1.

Real Time Finance

Having previously received a grant from the Maker Foundation, Sablier have potentially provided those who work in a freelance or project-to-project capacity with timely payments and a level of financial security that has been impossible with traditional finance models.

By employing the Sablier protocol employers can project a more stable and reliable image – especially vital for start-ups – and attract high quality candidates that otherwise may have been wary of commitment.

For ease-of-use, Sablier are hosting two portals, one for employers to set up a paying stream, and one for those receiving the streamed money.

Sablier include the appealing tagline of “Real Time Finance” on their website but do recognise the work of Andreas Antonopoulos in bringing the concept of streaming money more into the public domain during a talk in Amsterdam in 2016.

Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, recognised Sablier’s progress and contribution in advancing the decentralised finance (DeFi) arena via a social media post in December.