Blockchain Technology to Take Digital Advertising to Next Level

Blockchain Technology to Take Digital Advertising to Next Level

It is arguably the next giant leap in advertising: reactive digital billboards which will use AI profiling to establish the specific attributes of its passing audience to display targeted advertising. And it is just around the corner.

Tommy Teepell, CMO of Lamara Advertising Co, states that the shift from traditional static poster advertising to so-called ‘programmatic’ advertising is so far advanced that it is likely to become commonplace “…within 6-12 months.” 

At last week’s DailyDOOH investor conference in New York, business leaders from the world of advertising appeared to be in agreement, with talk of 7,500 such billboards to be rolled out in New York alone over the course of 2019.

Privacy Concerns

Programmable advertising is one thing, however, and reactive is another. The latter implies much more advanced technology. And this is where Bidooh, an outfit that has developed its own profiling technology for targeted digital billboard advertising, plans to make its mark.

With its current product, the award winning Bidooh platform already allows advertisers to buy, upload and manage their own digital advertising by allocating 10 second increments on Bidooh-supported billboard screens.

Further down the line, however, Bidooh will be rolling out reactive profiling billboards that will display advertising aligning with the attributes – such as sex and age – of passers-by.

The innovation, however, has raised privacy concerns. “We will be held to a different standard because we operate in a public environment,” states Andrew Miller, VP Innovation and Product Engagement of Outfront Media, outlining his own company’s adoption of perfect anonymity as a solution to the concerns raised.

For the project team at Bidooh this privacy, however, also needs to be guaranteed through transparency, which is why its development team see blockchain tech as a natural fit for its new upcoming platform.

With primary successful trials completed at Manchester’s Arndale Shopping Centre, the project now has a presence in other locations in the UK as well as in Bosnia and Herzegovina and has secured early contracts with two partners based in the Czech Republic and Romania for a roll-out of 3000 screens.

The ICO has so far attracted more than 24,000 ETH in contributions, surpassing its soft cap in pre-sale, having launched its main sale at the end of October.