Call for European Blockchain Experts

Call for European Blockchain Experts

The Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is calling for blockchain experts based in the European Union (EU) to register in a survey in order to compile a comprehensive database to map the European blockchain ecosystem. The list of key players formulated as a result of the survey will be open to all so as to provide a clear indication of areas of leadership and innovation to aid small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Europe.

Professor Dr. Philipp Sandner, head of the School’s Blockchain Centre (FSBC), is leading the campaign as part of an initiative of the EU-funded program Horizon 2020, known as Blockpool, that was designed to encourage blockchain adoption within the EU.

Uptake and Deployment

Part of Blockpool’s aim is to increase the uptake and deployment of blockchain and related distributed ledger technologies (DLT) by promoting projects that SMEs can adapt for their own business use case. Identifying prominent platforms, projects and personnel in an easily accessible format would be beneficial for any company in the early stages of venturing into blockchain territory.

Candidates who have registered so far to be included in the experts list come from a variety of backgrounds and organisations including academic research, corporate, government, NGO, and open source projects.

The technologies each applicant is familiar with also cover a wide spectrum with early indications showing a greater depth of knowledge for the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger and Corda blockchains and DLTs.

Each person completing the survey is evaluated against stated criteria to determine the individual’s level of expertise.

This latest survey follows previously published research by the FSBC, in co-operation with Blockstate, which suggested that the EU has surpassed the USA in the emerging blockchain digital securities market.