Cardano Charles and Blockchain Battles

Cardano Charles and Blockchain Battles

In a bizarre weekend, a surreal twist of events saw two battles – one digital, one physical – emerge from the blockchain space to provide some distraction from the weightier issues facing both the nascent industry and the wider global monetary system. While the computer game Chain Clash will provide 3D animation and avatars for fans of certain blockchains to battle others, those who prefer a real life brawl will get to see Charles Hoskinson, previously of Ethereum and the founder of Cardano (ADA), go toe-to-toe in an MMA style bout against Chico Crypto, an investigative Youtuber who has been heavily critical of Hoskinson’s achievements.

With the agreement of the two contenders, the fight is scheduled for next August and is being promoted by another Youtuber, Jason Appleton (Crypto Crow), with any profits being donated to St. Judes Children’s Hospital Charity.

Built Up Rage and Hatred

Perhaps not surprisingly, the Cardano community can see little advantage in their figurehead stepping into the ring but Hoskinson appears adamant that raising a million dollars for charity is a worthy reason. Besides which he has “…5 years of built up rage and hatred against trolls…” to unload and when it comes to facing Chico Crypto he is confident he has “…a big height advantage on him.”

The trolling Hoskinson refers to may include Chico Crypto’s regular assertions that Cardano has achieved little in the way of tangible results apart from a below average ADA wallet (Daedalus) and shelves of academic papers.

Hoskinson has not been alone in facing criticism from Chico Crypto. Several other personalities and projects have attracted his verbal wrath with Justin Sun of Tron, Changpeng Zhao (CZ) of Binance, Tether, Bitfinex, and Bakkt all recently being called to task. On the other hand, Chico regularly praises others that he feels have made good on earlier promises and believes the likes of Chainlink, iExec, 0x, Maker, and others are useful additions to the bedrock of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

For curious onlookers who would be more content with cold red pixels on a screen rather than warm blood on the canvas, a new game from Chainwise called Chain Clash may provide a timely distraction. The initial phase will provide an interactive fight environment where the avatars representing 5 blockchains – Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, EOS, and Tron – will battle for supremacy.

Mixing of commerce and warfare is nothing new of course. It has been done on a corporate and governmental level for centuries and most school children can recollect tales of the Romans having their bread and circuses to keep them entertained while their empire crumbled.

So Hoskinson, Chico, and especially Chainwise can hardly be singled out for favouring brawn over brains.

With global debt accelerating and central banks monetising that debt it is understandable that we would look for distraction from the evolving train wreck of a monetary system in the very things in which we are most familiar.

There are some though who are seeking an alternative, so for the sake of balance, we’ll leave the last word to them: