Cardano Creator’s Bitcoin Tutorial is Udemy’s Most Popular

Cardano Creator’s Bitcoin Tutorial is Udemy’s Most Popular

It has over 80,000 students enrolled, it is free to the general public and, according to Udemy, it continues to top the rankings as an introduction to the subject of Bitcoin. 

Mathematician and Cardano co-founder Charles Hoskinson first created the “How I learned to stop worrying and love crypto” course in 2013 along with Dr Brian Göss, member of the Bitcoin Education Project in a bid to bring the world’s first cryptocurrency to a wider audience.

Gauge for Crypto Adoption

Five years later, although somewhat outdated, it continues to rank as Udemy’s highest ranking free introduction to the world’s first cryptocurrency for the layman.

In that time, the Udemy platform has since seen literally thousands of courses on Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies added to its libraries – many also free, and serving as accessible introductions to a broad range of subjects.

Among these one can find courses on how to trade cryptocurrencies, how to assess the prospects of an ICO and how launch one’s own ICO on the Ethereum network. 

The increasing popularity of cryptocurrency-related courses within the online educational world has raced ahead of what has been seen as a general lag within the mainstream educational landscape. To date, it is thought only the University of Nicosia offers full masters accreditation in the field of cryptocurrencies with its MSc in Digital Currencies which can be pursued online and paid for in cryptocurrency itself. 

Universities have so far been slow to create fully-specked programs for blockchain-based subjects.  And whilst online courses have been filling that gap in some sense, it is really established institutions that need to “facilitate innovative projects that drive how businesses and governments approach blockchain and cryptocurrencies,” states Jeremy Wood, a close collaborator of Hoskinson on the Cardano project.