Cardano Founder – I’m Not Elon Musk Surrounded by Court Jesters Serving as an Echo Chamber

Cardano Founder – I’m Not Elon Musk Surrounded by Court Jesters Serving as an Echo Chamber

In the latest entry in a series of impromptu live AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) sessions, beamed live over Youtube a few hours ago, Charles Hoskinson, one of the co-founders of the Cardano blockchain and former co-founder of Ethereum, decided to make the pace of progress associated with the Cardano project a central focus of his two hour discussion. 

Responding to being “constantly criticised and attacked” in a context where “there is a profound lack of empathy and a profound lack of understanding amongst the general public when things aren’t going their way – especially as the price of cryptocurrencies go down,” Hoskins decided to use the AMA as a basis for elaborating on the peer-review model used by IOHK, the software house that handles most of the development related to the Cardano blockchain, as well as comment on the overall pace of development of the project itself. 

Protocol Not Software

“As an entrepreneur, it is super important to have people who can say no to you,” he explained, citing specifically the example of Elon Musk at Tesla who, enjoying a “cult of personality” is prone to having people around him who will “amplify the mistakes” he can make. 

Addressing specifically the pace of Cardano’s development itself, Hoskinson underlined his vision of Cardano as a protocol and not as a piece of software that needs to be rolled out sooner rather than later. “Protocols don’t come along very often,” he stated, “so why should we constrain something that will be around for decades to the same forces and factors [that are applied] with a cellphone app.”

Citing examples of established protocols which revolutionised the world such as TCP, the underlying governance model for packet transmissions over the internet; PGP, a protocol that provides for the encryption and decryption of data; and Bittorrent, a P2P mechanism for distributed file transmission, Hoskins reminded his reviewers that successful protocols require a much more methodical approach to development, and are subject to rigorous peer review. 

Hoskinson also covered the subject of his own health, explaining how the stress of being an entrepreneur with a public profile had been taking its toll, but that he has made a number of lifestyle changes in recent times – citing new approaches to diet and the use of meditation – as a means for dealing with the pressures he has been exposed to. “I feel lot better now,” he stated, “especially mentally, a heck of a lot better.”