ClearPoll Announces Plans to De-list from HitBTC

ClearPoll Announces Plans to De-list from HitBTC

The team behind ClearPoll, the blockchain-based public opinion app, has formally announced its decision to de-list from the HitBTC crypto-currency exchange. 

Citing complaints in relation to inflated fees, low trading volume, poor service and prolonged transaction times, ClearPoll have advised holders of POLL token to withdraw their holdings to a personal ERC-20 compatible wallet, and have offered to recompense token holders for the costs associated with withdrawing. 

Ongoing Issues

HitBTC was created in 2014, and is managed by the Hit Techs Limited group, a private company registered to a London address. It has, however, been dogged by a host of technical problems since its inception with users regularly complaining on Reddit of log-in issues, downtime, missing funds, an unresponsive interface and poor customer service. 

However, according to some observers, the platform had been addressing some of these concerns in recent times, most notably through the release of a system health check which gives users some transparency over transaction queues and consequent knock-on effects for trading times. 

In the end, with listing fees thought to cost anything up to $100k for twelve months, the changes come as too little, too late for the ClearPoll team who now join several other projects to have de-listed from the exchange in recent months, including ugCoin and PreMine.