ClearPoll Hits $1 Ahead of Friday Statement

ClearPoll Hits $1 Ahead of Friday Statement

The ClearPoll token has hit the symbolic value of $1 for the first time barely five weeks after having completed its ICO fundraiser in a sale where the token was initially valued at $0.12.

The token’s price has risen on the back of rumours circulating ahead of an official statement from the project lead, Daniel Abela, scheduled for Friday, Dec 1 whose details remain the object of speculation. 

ClearPoll Ahead of Road Map

The surge in price is thought to have been driven by two separate factors: a general announcement from its developers that the first iteration of the ClearPoll product – a Blockchain-based app which allows anyone both to create and participate in mass-media polls – was being released ahead of schedule, with an Alpha release now dated for mid-December, having been originally scheduled for early 2018. 

The second was a declaration from the project leads in mid-November that a significant announcement was coming for Friday, Dec 1st. 

The ClearPoll project which had initially projected reaching its $100,000 USD soft-cap grabbed headlines when contributions surged to over $1m in the final 24 hours of its token sale as a result of last-minute attention brought to the project by several influential Youtube channels. 

I am not in a position to provide any specific details in relation to Friday’s announcement,” said Abela, co-founder and lead designer for the project. “However, we are highly confident that early investors will be happy with the news.

ClearPoll Leading Blockchain Poll Disruption

Whilst there are a few contenders that have emerged in the Blockchain polling space, the Australian outfit has commanded a lead ahead of its potential competitors as a result of its consolidation of investor confidence since the ICO completed in mid-October. 

Having passed under the radar of general media coverage in its ICO phase, it is now being speculated that ClearPoll has become the object of a possible partnership with one or more established high-profile media outfits whose interest may have been piqued by the proposition of improvements brought to the polling industry that are pending release of the ClearPoll app.