ClearPoll Launches Alpha on Android

ClearPoll Launches Alpha on Android

ClearPoll has announced yesterday the launch of the alpha version of its mobile application for the Android platform. 

The blockchain start-up, which is aiming to “revolutionise polling” with an app whose survey results are designed to be both immutable and transparent, had originally sought to roll out its first public-facing MVP (minimum viable product) in mid-December. 

Alpha Testing Open to Public

The roll-out, however, was pushed back two weeks with the development team citing requests from early testers to include a broader range of features before exposing a first iteration to the wider public. 

The alpha testing has now opened to the public and includes a facility for product feedback that is sent directly to the development team.

The solicitation of public input into the development cycle appears to be a growing trend within the blockchain space more generally.

ClearPoll’s announcement comes just two weeks after it had executed a mass token burn of one million POLL, the ClearPoll native token, in order to reduce token circulation from ten million down to nine.

The alpha release also comes two weeks before ClearPoll’s launch of its partner product, Clearify, a contributions address platform for ICOs / token sales, which equally leverages the POLL token. 

“Further features are planned in the weeks and months ahead,” the development team stated in on its Telegram channel, with a target date having been set for May for the fully developed product.  It is understood that an alpha version for the iOS platform is also due in the next few weeks.

The POLL token price has jumped just over 40% in the few hours following the app’s alpha release.