Cointopia to Create ICO Launchpad Services

Cointopia to Create ICO Launchpad Services

Cointopia has announced that it will be launching a ‘community-driven token sale marketplace’. The platform will provide pre and post ICO services to blockchain projects and to token investors.

With industry names including Brock Pierce, Jed McCaleb, Michael Terpin and Sonny Singh behind it, BEE Token, conducting its ICO in February, will be the first project to list. The company claims to have $2 billion in token sales in the pipeline.

Weeding Out the Wild West

Cointopia plans to focus on security and trust issues that have been plaguing the ICO markets up until now, whilst nurturing an investment community that, it hopes, will help to gather information on projects as well as offer wisdom-of-the-crowd evaluations. The company claims to have 25,000 accredited investors signed up.

With the exponential growth in Token sales over the last 12 months, a successful exchange will require significant coverage of the ICO market to have any value. 

The ICO market has been developing something of a ‘wild west’ reputation over the last few months. A platform that can weed out token sales without transparency, and outright scams, could bring some much-needed order to the market.

Post ICO communication on the progress blockchain projects are making, will also give the market more legitimacy. Whether Cointopia will be the platform to do that remains to be seen. But if it does, it could be a very lucrative business.