Confido Website Returns Online with Legal Statement

Confido Website Returns Online with Legal Statement

The Confido website has come back online in a bizarre twist to what has been an intriguing series of events over the last week. It is the latest development in what has widely been presumed to have been a case of suspected fraudulent activity by the ICO venture. 

Lawyer Statement Released

The website now hosts one page composed of a single JPEG image of a statement from Dutch law firm Jonkers & Van Gemert making representation on behalf of an unnamed party. 

The statement asserts that the law firm’s client “regrets the rumours” of recent days, going on to make reference to alleged death threats directed at the ICO’s project leads.


Confido legal statement

The law firm is currently unavailable for comment.

It remains unclear at this stage if the statement has been issued on behalf of the entire project team or solely on behalf of a Dutch national whose name had been appearing across social media in relation to the widely published accusations of alleged fraud. 

Investor Refunds

The statement ends with an indication that concrete steps are currently being undertaken to refund the investors concerned. There is no indication at this stage if investors can expect a full refund. 

The ICO had appeared to have gone offline on November 23, igniting rumours that the project organisers had taken off with $374,000 of investor contributions.