The Cryptocurrency Community Database

The Cryptocurrency Community Database

There’s a wealth of information out there for any newcomer to both cryptos and ICOs, but where to start? To begin with, there is no central authority that houses information in relation to the estimated two thousand or so ICOs currently in existence. 

Sam Shatzkin from Israeli startup Blockium believes he has the answer. He has created the Cryptocurrency Community Database (CCD), a “Google spreadsheet which is constantly fed and updated by the community.

As Shatzkin says, though there are “a lot of resources for finding important information,” there’s a shortage of platforms which “encourage user interaction and input.”

“Editable by Anyone”

The CCD aims to change that by creating a “public place to store information”, somewhere that “the cryptocurrency world can join with one another to record and collect information for use by any other member of the community.

The project amounts to a database built in Google Sheets, accessible, and editable, by anyone. It combines resources for beginners in the space, including multiple “how tos” and beginners’ guides, with offering utility to “experienced business owners that can really benefit from free job posting to their target employee base” as well as “investor and accelerator contact information”.

For ICO investors the sections on upcoming and active ICOs will be particularly interesting. Though information on these ICOs is on the light side, Blockium will be looking to expand its coverage here – with your help.

To be a truly useful resource, the database will require constant updates to remain relevant, which is where the community comes in. Anyone can contribute new entries or updates by submitting through input forms. After submission, that information should be available to all users within 5 minutes.

Provided that users can be encouraged to give to the database as well as take, it could quickly become a go-to spot for the community. You can explore, and contribute to, the database here