Crystal Clear Services to Launch ICO

Crystal Clear Services to Launch ICO

Crystal Clear Tokens (CCT) are touted to bring about major changes in how consumers and providers collaborate in bargaining and implementing their services through what is being touted as a transparency platform.

The main aim of Crystal Clear Services is to revolutionise and reinvent the way service providers and customers connect, bargain and implement paid services.

With a specific focus of eliminating middle men, all services are enacted as smart contracts and transactions on the Blockchain, removing any scope for manipulation of cost comparisons and performance ratings.

Problems That CCT Strive to Address

Customer Outreach

Currently online freelance services are utilised primarily by those involved in the domains of IT and business. The primary focus of CCT is to expand on the industries that engage in the freelance arena. 

Expectation vs. Reality

Previous attempts in the non-Blockchain space have been confronted with high entry barriers. The relatively minor fees that the Blockchain can provide in this respect may allow this barrier to be overcome. The key aspect here will be the ability for CrystalClear to offer an escrow-type service that can arbitrate between consumer and retailer – an element, outside of marketing, which is potentially key to the entire project

Crystal Clear Tokens ICO

The ICO begins on the 1st of September and will continue till the 1st of October 2017. The buyers of CCT tokens will be given the following bonuses.

  • First hour — 40%
  • First day – 30%
  • First week – 25%
  • Second week – 20%
  • Third week – 15%
  • Fourth week – 10%

They aim to collect $ 5,000,000 through this ICO. Out of this, 50% will be utilised for system development, 25% for involvement of system participants and global marketing, 15% towards financial and legal issues and 10% for team and administrative purposes.