CT Global Coin: “Cryptocurrency for Christians”

CT Global Coin: “Cryptocurrency for Christians”

Since the arrival of Bitcoin on the scene nine years ago today, the cryptocurrency phenomenon has had a profound impact on various branches of human activity, particularly in the areas of political economy and philosophy.

Up until now it had seemed that religion had managed to keep out of its way. That all appears to have changed, however, in a week where the Egyptian Grand Mufti has ruled that Bitcoin is un-islamic, whilst one Christian outfit has been taking an altogether different approach.

CT Global Coin

Sensing the spiritual need of the world’s 2 billion Christians for cryptic guidance, Christian Traders have launched CT Global Coin, billed as a “Cryptocurrency for the Global Christian Community.

The coin is currently in pre-sale, stage 3 of which opened on Christmas Day, with the ability for participants to profit from 1 free coin for every 4 purchased. 

Christian Traders have stressed that that the number of coins minted is limited to 1 million and that the CT Global Coin is not a security. Instead they hope their tokens will “strengthen a bond between those with similar values and beliefs around the world. This is commerce at its most basic level.”

However, it seems that Christian Traders may not share the skepticism that has been raised by the Catholic Church which is believed to have held its own private consultations on Bitcoin, particularly in relation to its possible involvement within human trafficking. 

Bishop Hilarion Alfeyev, “the public face of the Orthodox Church” according to Russia Today, has also weighed into the debate describing cryptocurrencies as, “a new Ponzi scheme, behind which there is nothing.”

Atheist Coin were also contacted by ICOExaminer in the interests of balanced reporting but stated that they were wallet agnostic.