DADI ICO Target of the Latest Phishing Scam

DADI ICO Target of the Latest Phishing Scam

DADI investors have fallen victim to the latest email phishing campaign to hit the ICO world, allegedly this time the result of a mailing list leak dating from the beginning of February.

The issue first came to light on Reddit, where a furious DADI investor warned the community that “ … your information has been leaked by the [DADI] team to hackers and phishers, who are currently exploiting this data for phishing scams.

Ongoing Problems

Even more inflammatory, there were further claims that “ … the DADI team is trying their best to cover up any trace of this happening” by deleting posts mentioning the phishing emails. 

The emails are thought to have been labelled with the fake sender’s address 

It is not the first time the ICO has been embroiled in controversy, after accusations emerged in January that parts of its white-paper had been lifted from that of another ICO.

DADI have yet to mention the current issue on their company Twitter feed though they have written a post on Medium. They stress that “the email in question is not as a result of a compromise of our systems.” Instead it was the result of data lost in an “email hack that occurred on February 01st.”  

That hack was admitted by DADI at the time, and the ICO no longer uses the external email system. DADI Community Manager Bolaji Oyewole stressed on Telegram that there was no leak of KYC (Know Your Customer) data as this had never been stored online. 

There is no word yet on whether anyone has fallen for the scam though last month a similar scheme saw phishers make off with over $1 million of investor cash from the BEE Token ICO.