Denver Property Market Creeps Further into Crypto

Denver Property Market Creeps Further into Crypto

Denver’s historic Doyle-Benton House has been placed on the market with a price tag of $1.9 million and the seller is “willing to accept Bitcoin or other forms of cryptocurrency as payment.”

Built in 1896 and a stones throw away from the city’s Botanic Gardens, the mansion occupies almost 6,500 sqft and boasts 8 bathrooms and an annex that “offers the option of a true Mother-in-Law apartment or... [if that is too daunting]… wonderful Air BnB.”

Crypto-Friendly Colorado

Last summer, the Denver Post carried an article suggesting cryptocurrency could be the future of real estate in the Colorado area. At the time, Boulder estate agent, Jim Merrion, suggested that “Blockchain and cryptocurrency really has the ability to change every aspect of real estate, from titles, to lending, to the brokerage itself.”

In October 2018, the Elevated Returns (ER) Financial Group ran a sale on the Ethereum blockchain for the Colorado ski complex, St Regis Aspen Resort, in the tokenised asset form of AspenCoin.

This week, Colorado Governor, Jared Polis, took the western US State a stage further when he signed the Digital Token Act, exempting certain cryptocurrencies from securities laws and allowing certain platforms and decentralised applications to operate with reduced registration requirements.

The Act itself states that “Colorado has become a hub for companies and entrepreneurs that seek to utilise crypto-economic systems to power blockchain technology- based business models.”