DetectorToken – the ICO Sieve Bot

DetectorToken – the ICO Sieve Bot


DetectorToken is a Poland-based start-up. It is developing an innovative solution to facilitate trading on the cryptocurrency markets. On August 20, it launched the first round of its ICO to raise funds for further development of this platform.

Currently, those who buy into its DTCT tokens before August 30 will receive a bonus of 25%. This reduces to 10% from 31 August to 9 September.

The rising popularity of token sales make ICOs is emerging as a popular choice for individuals trading in virtual currencies. But due to the exponential rise in number of ICOs, it is become increasingly difficult for investors to target strong investment opportunities.

The Solution Offered by DetectorToken

‘Bot Detector’  – a Blockchain-based bot that monitors all the latest ICO campaigns and provides potential investors with reliable ICO characteristic overviews that are designed to help identify profitable investments.

As a result, investors will be better equipped to identify strategies and subsequently proceed with investments using the data accumulated.

Token Value

The ICO funds will be targeted at developing a fully-automated bot. It alert customers by providing both alerts on upcoming ICO investment opportunities along with ICOs that demonstrate particular promise. This will be a subscription service accessed through the native token, thus lending inherent value to the token itself. 

Unlike some other bots on the market, the platform targets a large family of cryptocurrencies and thus provides a service allowing investors to keep track in real-time of their portfolio of cryptocurrencies. It also provides several channels of communication  including text messages and Telegram messenger.

The company has planned to distribute a total of 10 million tokens at a price of 1 ETH for 700 DTCTs. Unsold tokens will be burnt

The company plans to use a large part of the funds for marketing purposes including promoting its services on different platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. 35% will be spent on development of the system further in order to add more features and the remaining 30% will be used to scale the platform.

Everyone is allowed to participate in the crowdsale except citizens of Hong Kong and the USA.