Devs “Impossible” to Find as ICOs Monopolise Talent

Devs “Impossible” to Find as ICOs Monopolise Talent

Blockchain development talent is becoming “almost impossible” to find, according to Thomas Bertan of Eidoo, a Swiss-based blockchain start-up.

Talking to UK Business Insider, Bertan outlined his frustrations and those of other blockchain-focused companies who are struggling to find first-rate developers with appropriate blockchain backgrounds. The CEO claims that cash-flush ICOs are now monopolising the best talent, particularly those based in Switzerland. 

“Formal Courses in Short Supply”

As a result, developers with blockchain backgrounds are seeing their salaries situated on a scale that are between 25% to 50% higher than the salaries of equivalent full-stack developers without significant blockchain experience. 

Part of the problem appears to be a lag on the part of universities offering programs in Computer Science and similar subjects which are still to adapt to their content to reflect the sweeping changes being brought by blockchain technologies. 

Higher prestige universities such as Cornell in the United States and London’s UCL have been more reactive in adapting their programs but more mainstream universities are not yet doing so, according to online technology mag TrustNodes lamenting that “formal courses [are] in short supply.

Whilst developers are generally adept at picking up new technical skills, the general problem of talent being in short supply is compounded by a lack of adequate general documentation related to blockchain technologies.

Andreas Antonopoulos, arguably the leading pedagogical figure in the world of cryptocurrencies and whose book “Mastering Bitcoin” brought Bitcoin development to a wider audiences of developers, has also commented on the problem of lack of documentation for blockchain technologies.

He is currently focusing on a similar publication for Ethereum-based decentralised application development, a publication whose release is scheduled for August 2018.