Domino’s Pizza Offer €100,000 in Bitcoin Prize

Domino’s Pizza Offer €100,000 in Bitcoin Prize

Domino’s Pizza in France are running a competition for patrons to win €100,000 and giving the lucky winner the choice of accepting the prize in the form of cash denominated in Euros or the equivalent amount in Bitcoin (BTC).

Running from September 4th to October 6th, the contest has been organised to celebrate Domino’s 30th anniversary. While pearls are more traditionally known as a suitable gift for a three decade anniversary, Domino’s have chosen to shun convention and run with a more modern version of store of value.

The current contest, known as Jump the Bank, aims to appeal to both the cautious investor and the more adventurous for as Domino’s website states “One thing is certain: cryptocurrency lovers all have a player side in them.”

The Pizza Connection

Anyone who has been active in blockchain technology for any length of time will have heard the historic tale of computer programmer Lazlo Hanyecz paying 10,000 BTC for two pizzas from Papa John’s in the first known transaction in May 2010. At the time BTC was under a penny but at prices today, that equates to around $100 million.

As interest in cryptocurrencies grew, that ground-breaking purchase became somewhat revered and has passed into digital folklore celebrated by an annual Bitcoin Pizza Day.

With Bitcoin now forever fondly associated with pizza, promotions such as Jump the Bank could be viewed as natural marketing evolution.

However, Domino’s have already shown a deeper connection to the underlying blockchain technology with overseas divisions integrating supply chain and operational delivery platforms into their office systems through a partnership with SingularityNET.