ECB Discuss Peer-to-Peer Finance with Quant Network

ECB Discuss Peer-to-Peer Finance with Quant Network

The European Central Bank (ECB) are bringing together market participants, policymakers, regulators and academics to discuss peer-to-peer (P2P) financial systems in Frankfurt this coming Friday and have invited the CEO and founder of Quant Network (QNT), Gilbert Verdian, to take part in a panel discussion.

Focusing on decentralised finance (DeFi) and billed as “Decentralisation and the European regulatory framework: how to find the balance in a dynamic environment” the panel discussion will also include representatives from the ECB, London Stock Exchange Group, Bank of Italy, and Bank of Lithuania.

The day long event will see a number of financial heavyweights expressing opinions with FinTech author Paolo Sironi and Ripple’s Head of European Regulatory Relations, Dan Morgan, being perhaps two of the more familiar names on the speaking circuit.

Blockchain Agnostic

Quant Network, who have registered offices in both the U.K. and Switzerland, launched in April 2018 through a successful initial coin offering (ICO) that raised around $11 million. With their Overledger operating system, Quant are striving to “seamlessly interact with multiple distributed ledgers and existing systems, enterprise applications and networks simultaneously.”

Although attempting to engage with existing networks and embrace today’s internet is a challenging concept, by being agnostic and allowing applications to function across multiple blockchains, it is claimed Overledger is a future-proof protocol that has the ability to distribute value and data without being constrained by a single technology or methodology.

To achieve this, Overledger provides developers with the opportunity to construct Multichain Applications (MApps) with just a few lines of additional code that can operate across multiple ledgers so there is no dependency on a single blockchain.

In addition to the forthcoming ECB speaking engagement, Gilbert Verdain has recently been active across the Atlantic courting American institutions alerting them to the possibilities of Quant’s Overledger for both the public and private sector.

The company’s QNT token is actively traded on a number of exchanges including Bittrex, IDEX and Hotbit. After quadrupling in price over the last couple of months, QNT is currently ranging between $8 to $9 per token.