Edward Snowden Catches Bitcoin Move

Edward Snowden Catches Bitcoin Move

Former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) contractor and National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden took to social media to share with his millions of followers the 30% increase in price of Bitcoin (BTC) over the previous 24 hour period. His message was confined to a single image – one that was immediately recognisable to those engaged with cryptocurrency but stimulated considerable discussion between those who were unaware of its significance.

The stylistic manga drawing of a smug looking Asuka is associated with BTC price predictions posted earlier this year by an anonymous 4chan user that, up to now at least, have proved relatively accurate.

With the December 2018 bottom correctly identified, the poster had confidently foretold the price movement into 2020. Although successful in predicting the pivot points for both April and July, the suggestion of BTC hitting $16,000 this month was thought by some to be a stretch too far.

Cryptocurrency Connection

Snowden, who has previously expressed a preference for privacy coins, showed he was a BTC advocate by using the currency as a means to disseminate information to journalists despite understanding the risk that the NSA were actively tracking BTC holders around the world.

In September, Snowden released his memoirs – Permanent Record – and the U.S. Government’s Department of Justice immediately sued the writer and the publisher of the book for not submitting it to the NSA and CIA for approval prior to release.

The action was generally viewed as fuelling the interest in the publication.

Snowden commented on the lawsuit with a brief message of his own.