Egretia: HTML5 Meets The Blockchain

Egretia: HTML5 Meets The Blockchain

Egretia, the world’s first HTML5 blockchain engine and platform, will begin its token sale on the 26th May. The platform is a partnership with Egret Tech, which already has a four-year track record and a working product for HTML5 game developers. The company has also recently announced partnerships with Merculet, ArcBlock and Cybermiles.

HTML5 is a markup language rather than a programming language and just how well it can be integrated with a blockchain remains to be seen. However, technology aside, the proposition has some compelling attributes.

Targeting Both Developers and Gamers

There are far more HTML5 developers around than blockchain developers, with over 200,000 of them already having been exposed to Egret’s platform. This platform may give them the ability to join a blockchain project for the first time.

Most web-based games operate as closed ecosystems, and rewards can only be used within the game or with partner companies. Central to Egretia’s vision is the idea that rewards will be transferable between games within the Egretia network.

Many of the games being developed will be available on Facebook, giving them the potential to go viral on a platform with over two billion users. Egretia is no doubt hoping to create a network effect by incentivising gamers, developers and tokens holders. The team has a long way to go, but if they were to get that right they could be a contender for the first blockchain platform to gain mass adoption.

Egretia is looking to raise $23.7 million by selling 39 percent of its 8 billion tokens. The ICO’s Telegram group currently has 11,500 members, which is reasonable, though not outstanding,  given there is a week to go before the token sale begins.